Am I meant to be alone?

Am I meant to be alone?

I thought that life is easy, I thought that it is just simple, that love could give me the answers but why am I in this situation.

Things are not perfect I know that, but I’m hurting right now. I can’t understand and I’m confused why people despite of you showing them your love, care, affection, attention still they could not see it. They don’t even appreciate it. I felt like I’ve given too much. I’ve carried a lot of burden, I’ve suffered enough but this keeps going on.

Am I insane? i’m not sure either, I think i kind of lost of myself already.

I’m trying really hard to understand the situation but it’s too blurry. I’m really hurt, after all these years why? Why here, why now, why me?

God please give me my heart back, please give me more wisdom and understanding and help me conquer this new challenge. I know that these are your trials. Please make me a stronger, braver person. I know that I can overcome this, I can make it. Whatever it is that You are planning, I know that it is for my betterment. In the end I just needed to defeat this. I know I will become more better and mature person after this.

Today the pain is explainable, to a point where I can’t feel anymore, its almost as if I am numb. Just carry on. You are independent, you are awesome and you can do it!

If you are meant to go and be alone then let it be.