On Marriage: Today is the day I caught my husband cheating on me

On Marriage: Today is the day I caught my husband cheating on me

Hey there, I’m afraid I need to borrow your pages today. The inevitable did happen and yes it hurts. It’s a mix of emotions actually. It feels like pooping and vomiting at the same time. Never did it came to me that this will happen. Wut? My husband did cheat on me? Really? Yes he did. I’ve known my husband to be a very sensitive person, a good, loving, kind, kind of person. But never did it occur to me that one day he’ll cheat on me and I’ll caught him. You know I’m a very understanding, open minded person and too trusting too. Maybe that’s why sometimes I am being taken advantage of. Because I’m too kind and soft and don’t talk and speak that much. But this one, this is different. This is a slap on the face, worse than that. This is one of my greatest fear, a thing I don’t want to get involved in.But here it is now in my face. So how did I find out? 8 years of living together is reasonable enough to know a person better. 8 years ago we said our I do’s and since then we were living together. I can say that we had a really good relationship as friends, best of friends, husband and wife. Lot’s of things happened, we stayed strong over the years, we conquered challenges together. So enough of the past drama but here we are now. Last, last night my husband and I had this very strange conversation where he asked me if what would I do if I ever find out that he had a crush on someone at work, I just shook it of and laughed at it and I said to him in a joke that I would go to the office and kick the girl like King Leonidas did in 300 and that I would in a tone of Sadako (The Grudge) tell him the lines of Liam Neeson “I will find you”. Then we laughed together.Then I changed the topic as I find it hard to talk about this things and awkward too. Then he asked me if what advice I could give to him, I told him you better stop it right away, it doesn’t look good, you are already married to me, you are also working in a government office, code of conduct that is. And I told him I stopped looking at other guys the moment we got married, in fact he is my only boyfriend, my first love, my first crush and all. So then we went to sleep, morning came he went to work and I my day went on too. He arrived like 5:30 in the afternoon and we ate dinner, and then he asked me how my day was and I asked him how his day went as well. Then I remembered I need to buy a load for my smart sim card. I mentioned it to him and he asked me if I could buy him one too. I am not suppose to go as it is not urgent for me but he insisted that I go and buy him a card. So as a good, loving wife I did went out to buy. I went to Gaisano mall and bought the load card and then I went to the bookstore for a while to check on some books and magazines that I love. Then I went home. Upon arriving at the door I knocked and peeped inside but no one is answering, so I knocked again and I called his name, I overheard him talking to someone over the phone, and then it took like 3 more minutes before the door was opened. He is in defense mode and said to me “I am calling someone at the back since there was no signal inside the house”. And I said ok and didn’t ask who is he calling, I gave him the card and he loaded it in his phone, he is so anxious and went outside to call the person again, but somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to hear. I didn’t bother. But I am feeling the strangeness, so the night goes on, he went to bed, we are using a double decked bed so he climbed up and told me to wake him up after 1 hour, I went busy with my task and then when I went up to check on him he was texting someone but he is kind of hiding the phone to me, in fact I never had a chance to see the message but I saw the name “Ms. DJ”. I was adamant to ask him about her. So I just continued with my work, but I’m starting to get really pissed. He is cheating right in front of me. So I waited for him to go to sleep and took his phone he had a password on it and added another password on the message area. Strange right? I hacked it and looked for the messages but they were already gone. I am on fire this time, so I went to the call history and saw their call history and how many times he’d tried contacting her and how she also missed called him. I am super furious and I sent the girl a message and told her I find it strange why my husband kept on calling her and that I saw him message her of non-work related messages. I told her they better stop it asap. I said work related communication is fine but aside from that it is unacceptable at all. I told her to show her professionalism and respect. So now I am waiting for my husband to wake up so we can discuss about this matter seriously, why he would do that to me and what have I done to him to deserve this. This has to end. I am looking forward for a great relationship with him, and I am looking forward for more years of good friendship, husband and wife relationship where we both are loyal and trust each other, that we become good example to our own siblings, that we become better people. Hopefully this incident will help both of us grow more.


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