Animal Cruelty : It’s hard to describe people nowadays

Animal Cruelty : It’s hard to describe people nowadays

Mean, cruel, monsters, no not monsters worst than that. It’s hard to find a word to describe these people. I do not understand why they take fun and happiness out of hurting these poor animals. These creatures whose life only evolves on their limited capability to communicate what they feel and how they wanted to just live in peace with these humans.

I know to err is human but it’s too much to bear. It breaks my heart to see the cruelty and to read these things about people always trying to hurt these poor creatures.

Someday, one day they will realize that reason why we should co-exist. Karma will come in no time and justice will be served to those who committed these wrongdoings.

I grew up loving dogs, cats, birds all animals, in fact when I was little I would even try to talk to ants and lady bugs. If only I have the resources and money I’d rather build a paradise for them. Animals and their attachment to us as their humans is hard to fathom, but the connection I’ve had with them is priceless that no human connection could ever replace. I find it calming to talk to my dog and cats about my life. Although they won’t understand but I can hear their heart listens and they respond in a way that makes your heart melt. When you were talking to them and they stare with those loving eyes and lick your face and sit on your lap. Those things nothing can replace them.


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