Note to Self- #Selfday

Note to Self- #Selfday

Hey self, so how are you doing! Today let’s celebrate and look forward to all the good things in life. You’ve been through a lot lately and you deserve to be celebrated. You have a lot of fears to leave behind, look at the rainbows when you see them for they seldom show up but when they do it sure is hope and happiness that it brings. Life is amazing and don’t miss the chance of savoring every bit of it. Internalize your beauty coz you are beautiful. Congratulations for all the conquering, for being strong, for speaking up your mind, for taking time to think when you are so down. Self I salute you for all of the fears, anger, frustrations, failures that made you realize how strong you are and how invincible is your weapon, your faith in God. Kudos self for working so hard and doing everything and above that for never ever forgetting that you’re doing it not only for you but your family. Self always be reminded that your family and God is your greatest strength and that you can conquer all just as long as you leave your fears behind and trust and surrender your heart to God. ‪#‎iloveyouself‬ and ‪#‎todayisselfday‬


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