My Love Story

Love! Love!Love! Love is in the air!!!

I could still remember during my college years I wrote a love story on our school paper entitled “A Writer’s Love Story” which a lot of people in the campus wondered if it’s all about my “love story”! They were so intrigued that they would always ask me if who the guy is in my article. Hahahaha! Well, sad to say it’s just a story out my crazy imagination.

This time around, it will be my own love story! It won’t be just a crazy imagination but rather a real life love! From the heart they say! Whew! I’m excited and a bit nervous about this! It’s really hard to start an article especially when it’s about you!

First Level

I want this written by level. Well, first of I am a kind of girl who came from a not so conservative and not so liberated family in terms of love approach thing. I, together with my siblings grew up in a single parent, my Mom who is the first love of my life.  She and my Dad got separated when I was 8 which is not a happy ending for their love story. But then, life is just like that.  Still, even though Mom was alone in raising us she never failed to show us what love really is. She is very caring, loving, understanding, kind and all of the things you could ever wish for in a Mother. She’s the best!

I can never deny that I’m not angry with my Dad and so it gave me trauma, especially with boys and love. If it’s normal for high school girls to have crushes well, I’m too far away from that! During my high school years I gave most of my time in my studies and focused more on my work and daily responsibilities which also paid off. I use to work  as a student laborer/working student at the principals office in order to finish my schooling. With lots of responsibilities I can say I don’t have time for flings anymore.  But it helped me became more mature in dealing with life. I am not like any ordinary high school girls who were able to enjoy their school life so much. At that age I’ve been thru a lot of trials and struggles. We are poor and my Mom couldn’t afford to send us to school so I need to be with my own efforts to finish my schooling. But my mom is a very brave girl and she’s always there to give her best and support to us.

I could still remember when my teachers and classmates use to tease me as “Miss OldMaid” hahahah! I don’t care.  Even though I’ve been struggling hard and working hard that time I’m still happy with my life, I’m still blessed I can say. I graduated as a class salutatorian, yes! I was able to graduate high school with no boyfriend, no crushes and no flings! I survived it! I don’t know I’m just numb and I just don’t have feelings for boys during that time.  So it ends with no love life in high school!

Second Level

Here comes my college years! Like my high school years I’m still the same when I was in college. My heart’s still not pounding and no love fling thing ever came into my mind. I got a scholarship and did enrolled in a private school where I took a Degree in Mathematics not because I love math and not because I’m good in math and neither because it’s my favorite subject but rather becuase it’s my weakest link! I’m so dull in mathematics whew! Yeah that’s true, so i thought if I’m going to major it I would probably understand more about the concept of the subject. However the scholarship grant has only limited support so I still need to work in order to pay for the remaining tuition fee balances and of course for my allowance and daily expenses. So I got busy with my work and schooling again. I got involved in so many school activities that made my schedule so tight. I went to becoming the school paper writer and editor and officer in different school organization and at the same time school contestant for different contest and activities. I can say I belong to the list of  most busiest people in school. With this I have no time to look at guys/boys whatever! I can’t even look at myself in the mirror.  But there was this one time, just one time that one of my friend asked me why I don’t have a boyfriend and why I don’t have crushes I felt like maybe I’m an abnormal kid or I’m just not into it. They would even tease me that maybe I’m a late bloomer. During that day, I realize how different I am from my schoolmates so I decided to stand on the third floor outside the classroom corridor and stared at all of the guys passing by while asking myself who would be the lucky guy today, can I ever have a crush by doing this, hahahahah it’s a lot of fun I say because I ended up in front of the computer writing an article, a love story just got inspired by what happened that day. But of all the guys who passed by no one ever catch the attention of my heart.

I could still remember that the only thing that’s in my mind during that time is, my family and my future. I wanted to finish my schooling. But life is really tragic, because of too much school pressure and money matters I have to give up my schooling. They say if you’ll quit you’re a loser. But for me to quit is to start a new beginning. So I did quit! I have no choice either. Life is really hard that time.  I just quit but I never gave up with my dreams and goals.

After quitting I applied for a job and I was hired by our high school principal to work as office clerk. I did enjoy it but I went looking for a more bigger opportunity, until I was able to register into friendster account that happened to have a classified or jobs ads link where you can post your resume. So I posted mine there and surprisingly after a few months I received an email from an American guy who told me he owns an outsourcing company here in the Philippines and ask me if I’m interested to meet him in person because he will be visiting his friend from Roxas City. I replied to his email that I’m interested in applying for his company. And so he did gave me a chance to work for him as a recruitment manager. I’m so happy because he is a really great kind man. And we did meet in person and he visited me in Roxas City together with the company manager.  So I did recruitment job for his company until the manager in Iloilo mentioned if I could transfer there because they needed additional workforce there. I accepted the offer and so I was transferred to Iloilo and was given a new position and responsibility as Administrative Officer.

The Real Score- Where the love story begins!

After finding an apartment for me to stay, I did transferred to Iloilo City and started working. During that time one of my responsibilities is to assist applicants during interviews and exams.

One day a guy named Mr. Fritz Juele, came to our office and told me that he has an interview with a client that day. So I called the manager to confirm and assisted the interview. That was the first time we met.

After two weeks he got hired! He worked as a webmaster. Days passed and we became friends, since he is a very kind and funny guy it was never hard for me to go along with him. Same with other employees too! I came to know and make friends with them.Though one of the admins told me not to make friends with the employees. Well, what’s with making friends. When we’re at work we work but outside we’re friends! It’s fun!

So what friends are for! We, together with our other companions would enjoy work together. There were five of us and we are all workaholic! Hahahaah that’s true. Since he and his friend was later assigned to become network admins we are always together and we work till Saturday and sometimes till Sunday! But we always love what we’re doing! We love and enjoy our work! There was this one time when we were doing inventories we went to the extension office and there were only three of us! One of the system admin, Fritz and I and I happen to open one of the computers and scan a music play list and it did played a love song! Fritz gestured like he wants to dance with me but I thought it’s just fun, fun we just laughed out loud at him and we continued working. Then after that one of our companion went home and while I was keeping my things I noticed that he didn’t left yet. So I asked him, “Are you waiting for me?” and he said yes. And I said “Ok , I will just switch off the lights and the aircon then we will leave”. I told him he can go if he wants to, because my apartment is just above the office. But I he still waited for me and upon switching the lights off  I slowly walked thru the door and I was surprise to feel his hands guiding my hands. Hahahaha! It was really dark ya know! So he did accompanied me to my apartment. That was the first time he was able to see my room and I invited him in. We ate and I continued doing my inventory list and he helped me with some of the inventories because some of the stocks were just next room to my apartment. Then we talked and he opened up about his life, his current love life. He told me he is being tortured and he felt suffocated with his current relationship. He told me that she has a girlfriend for more that eight years and the girl is staying at their house. But he said he was not happy with his life with her. But he said he loves her and he’s doing his best to make the relationship stay, only that the girl has problems. I was just listening and advising him not to give up and to give the girl another chance and be more understanding. We talked a lot until I was not able to notice the time and I fell asleep by his side. Hahahaha! Sorry my brain didn’t told me I’m sleepy! It just did sleep on its own. When I wake up I went into panic because I still have duty I’m working nigh shift. Fritz is already gone but I found a letter and it says “Cute G, Got to go, Thanks for a wonderful night. See you in the morning. Good night and Dream peacefully-Pops Fritz”. I picked it up, smiled and went to work.

So as days passes by we are becoming close to each other. I like him as a friend because he is very funny, kind and hardworking too! I never knew that he has feelings for me.  Our manager and my colleagues would even tease me. I would tell them we’re just friends and I’m still to young to have a boyfriend. I’m just 21 years old that time. And  my family is still my first priority in life :).  And he already has a girlfriend. There was this one time when I teased them I already have a baby. I  couldn’t believe they will believe in that! hahaahah really funny.

I always work overtime in the office because there are many task to do. Even though I work night shift I would extend till day to finish the tasks. One time while I was working overtime Fritz suddenly called on my YM and we talked, most of it are funny things. I never noticed my laughing was a little loud and some of our employees are staring at me. I was a bit embarrased but I don’t know why I felt so comfortable and happy talking with him. Then one night during our break time he also gave me a YM call and did sing songs for me. I was shocked and wondering why he was doing that. He said his girlfriend is not around and he’s so happy to have the chance to talk to me. He’s at their house. Hahahah I just laughed but I was also touched. He was slightly saying he likes me but he’s not sure..Hahahaha is that a proposal?!? Hahahhaha!

So he would always accompany me when I work overtime during weekends. I could still remember that the first movie we watch while we were taking a break was “Happy Feet” . We watched it on a PC at our office. We just closed the windows and turn off the lights to have a movie theater effect! Hahahaha it’s a lot of fun! Then one Sunday night while we are working I happen to play the song on my playlist entitled “No one else comes close by Joe”. He asked me to dance with him and so we did! So crazy but sweet! It’s my first love dance!

But then from time to time I would always remember he has a girlfriend but he always reminds me he’s not happy with her anymore because she’s not just hurting him mentally but physically too! Yes, the girl once stab him with a fork.

Then came the proposal time! Usually during weekends and if we don’t have overtime or work I use to go home to Roxas City. But during that time I was not able to. So I ended up doing my laundry. While I was keeping my clothes. I heard someone came in and I was surprise to see Fritz. He’s standing at my front door. So what can I do, since he was already there we decided to go out and buy dinner at Jollibee. Then we went back to the apartment and start chatting, until he told me that he likes me and he wants me to be happy. He is decided to leave the girl and to tell his mom that he loves someone else,  Me.  During that time I was a bit confuse and I was afraid, afraid to love and afraid of getting hurt.  But I can see the willingness in his eyes and I can feel his love to. But I told him I’m still troubled and I need time to think. That night was really emotional for both of us and that’s the first time we kiss. ;). I never knew kiss feels like that! Whew!

Then as the days pass by we didn’t know God has big plans for us.  The moment of truth came and he started blogging about me. He started telling one of his close friend about us. And he’s getting ready to tell his mom and sister about me too! So her sister who is in the US called at our office and we talked and we emailed.

Then one day I received a phone call from a girl blaming me about breaking her heart by and breaking her relationship with Fritz. Then she would always call at the office and tell me she will go there and confront me. HAhahaha… She thinks I was afraid of her! No way! I’m not the reason why their relationship goes rough she is!

So one day when we are about to meet Fritz’s Mom. The girl attacked me. We didn’t even know she was following us. Since she was bigger that me and I don’t know how to fight it ended up that my eyeglasses  broke into my face and I just felt blood flowing into it. So we have to go to the hospital. The girl stopped and maybe realized what she did was wrong. So the next day I have dressing in my face. But I still went to work. I have to purchase a new eyeglasses too!

Then the girl and I together with Fritz’s mom and Fritz had a meeting at Jollibee the next day. I told her I could file a case because she did hurt me and I have evidence. But I told her I won’t do that because I’m not so into brutality and I also care for her not to have police records because it will affect her career later. Then I told her it’s not my fault if Fritz doesn’t like her and he likes me. I told her Fritz could go back to her anytime he wants and I’m not forcing Fritz to be with me. I told her I’m still young and I can still find more guys out there. By the way the girl is 30 years old, Fritz is 25 and I am 21 turning 22 by June 12 that year.  Then she told us she will never bother us anymore.

So after that Fritz is still not contented that I will just be his girlfriend and because the girl is still threatening him that she would kill him . So he did propose If I would want to marry him. I accepted his proposal because in the first place I am so challenged by the girls brutality towards me and whenever I remember the eyeglasses that broke into my face I would tell myself! Huh! she wants real challenge huh! And I  like to dedicate  the song from Christina Aguillera with this lyrics to her:

So I wanna say thank you
‘Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter

So I accepted it and thinking that Fritz is a guy who is easy to love. And I felt that God really gave him to me. I prayed for that and during that time I think it was answered. I prayed that if he’s really the guy for me then he is no matter what.

The next challenge here is my Mom and siblings. How would I tell them I’m getting married? In their entire life with me. They never knew and encountered that I have a guy in my life. My Mom would still treat me like a baby and I know she and my siblings will be really shocked by this. Yes, I never had a boyfriend, nor I’ve been into any sort and kind of relationship.

So I decided to tell my Mom to visit me in my apartment. And she did visited me. She was so happy and she brought some foods and cooked for me that day since we still have office. Then we ate lunch together with Fritz. Maybe my mom was wondering why there was a guy together with us on the table. Then I directly introduced him to Fritz and told her I’m getting married by Wednesday. Hahahaha…Mom was so shocked to hear the news but she did saw that Fritz was a good person. But she was so so shocked. So I told her she could go back by Wednesday to attend my wedding. When she came home and told my siblings or brothers and sister about the wedding they too were so shocked! My sister got so excited that she congratulated me for at last I was able to have a boyfriend and is now getting married!

HAhahahah to tell you honestly I even was shocked with my decisions. But I can feel that he is really the man God wants me to have and become my lifetime partner. We just arranged the wedding in two weeks time and it just went so smooth. I could still remember he became my officemate by January, friend by February till April,  best friend by May, then my boyfriend by June and my husband by July! HAhahahah! We got married via civil wedding last July 11, 2007. One month after I turned 22. And since we have duty that day we got married in the morning and went back to work by the afternoon! Hahahahah! Life really.

I can say I never had any regrets for having him in my life! He is everything I could ever wish for! He’s the best guy for me and I love him very much!

Our love is going stronger and stronger everyday and this will be till then end of our days and forevermore!

One thought on “My Love Story

  1. wow ganda naman ng kwento ng life mo…. nabasa ko din yung isang kwento na ginawa mo…. and i am you biggest fun =) promise../ ayun kakatapos ko lang kumausap ng nakaka badtrip na subscriber, tanggal stress kakabasa ng mga gawa mo 🙂 heheh

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