If you look at it our love is a whirlwind

If you look at it our love is a whirlwind

One day I wanted to be able to look back to this day and remember that my heart beat is louder than ever for you, only you my love.

Indeed the force is so strong like the whirlwind, it’s massive, destructive, exaggerated and all that. Inside this whirlwind are a mix of emotions this love has brought and taught me. My secret formula is always love. Hate, anger, pain, hopelessness, sadness, fear when I equate them with my love for you they always turn to what I didn’t expect for them to. A much stronger and braver love that can conquer all.

Of all the things that happened, today is the day that I realize that the fight I have chosen is all worth it. You are worth fighting for. All the pain, tears, anger, frustrations letting them go and fighting them is never that easy. They were like dragons taking my heart out and burning it over and over again. I cried thousands of times, I pitied myself, think of just ending my earth, blamed myself and all that and then I realized it was all because of my fear of losing you. And then I stood up, faced all these demons and conquered them one by one with the only weapon I have, my love for you. In the midst of this battle I almost gave up because the dark power that enveloped your heart is closing so fast that it almost blinded your love. You were so tempted that I had a hard time fighting back. But then as I was about to surrender I looked at you and felt and saw in your eyes the struggle and your willingness to get out of that dark power. Imprisoned and bound by this spell it made you weak and in need of a rescue. And for one last time as the enemies are bombarding me with so much force I took the chance to listen to my heartbeat. And it sounded stronger, stronger than ever. Focusing on this very energy I gathered my one last strength and as they were caving in towards us I closed my eyes and hugged you tight and freely we fell in this abyss and then the darkness grew and covered us both and suddenly all darkness were replaced with blinding lights then came the colors, bubbles, flowers, rainbows and we’re back! We won! Yes I won! Now stronger than ever no dark spell can ever bind your heart again, no dark powers will ever come to take you away from me. They were now buried inside my heartbeat who will beat for you forever! No more escape for the demons for our love conquers all!

One day when we get the chance to read this again we will be reminded of how much our love has gone through and how much our love grew.

Days will pass and we will somehow leave this earth when time comes but let this  be a testament that the journey of our love is a path no one has ever taken.

From this day forward I will love you like I’m gonna lose you.