Just and True

            Time passes by but memories may stay. Yes, I’m still having hang-over regarding last day’s activity. I really feel tired but I’m happy. Today I had o wake up once again for another struggle and challenge that I need to face. Yes, another new day, another start for a new duty and obligation.            I remembered last day that Ma’am Jo texted me that we will have an online conversation  today. And so I went to net café to chat with her and we had a lot of fun talking about last day’s activity and also she updated me about my next job assignment. She told me that maybe I’ll be working in
Iloilo by January. She would want me to be the test administrator to the applicants, and also to do some marketing of the company in the office as well as to assist the assistant manager of the night shift. It’s really exciting to handle new task and things. I d o believe that through those things I could learn a lot of new lessons.  Though marketing is not even my line but my field training may somehow help me regarding it. Well, actually what I’m doing was already marketing.  It’s really very, very exciting. Of course Ma’am Jo told me that we will wait for Sir Danny’s decision regarding that. I know Sir is also thinking of what assignment he could give me. I’m also willing to be assigned to the
Iloilo office to try new things that would really contribute to the company’s success. But I also would try my best to maintain and continue the mission here in Roxas. As much as I desire I really wanted to contribute and have outputs of my projects. Only that it’s really frustrating that time doesn’t cooperate with me most especially people.
            Well, the only concern I’m thinking about Iloilo’s assignment is that…My expenses, of course I need to rent a boarding house, my food   and other things…Well, I’ll be needing my income to support my family in Roxas. Especially that my mom is going home and I’m the one who will be task to handle family expenses. But then I do believe that God will really provide and He is good at me.             As what I have said I’m very much willing to do whatever assignment will be given to me by the company. Just to make it sure I can contribute to their development. I know that my task for now is not an easy one but I’m still looking forward that it will have good results soon.             Thank you so much for I was given the chance to land in the hand of good people like Sir Danny and Ma’am Jo.             Glenda

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