I haven’t noticed that I wake up so early this morning. Maybe I was just so excited about this day’s agenda that I wasn’t even able to notice the clock until I arrived at the city proper. Yes. My meeting with the manager and the president is not just a one big deal but a very memorable and important event that would somehow change my life today. I always expect changes and good thing I’m an impromptu kind of person. I don’t know but I already had this character in me that I always don’t prepare for what might happen I just let the time pass by and let it do whatever circumstance it may bring. What I’m just doing is that I’m trying to follow its path. I don’t know but that’s the real me. That’ is why I once again had another blooper when I was not able to locate the manager and the president at the terminal that well in fact it was just a very small place. Whew! Well, maybe sometimes I wasn’t thinking. I don’t know…Hehehe…I know they were really shocked and disappointed when they saw me with my oily face and sweat, carrying two bulky bags and whew! catching my breath while welcoming them. I know Sir Danny was even expecting that I’ll have some surprise for him or I’ll surprise him. Yes, I was really thinking about it the day before but I was suddenly left blacked out by my excitement. And then I just remembered that being true to my self is a one big surprise already. I mean being me, the real me, I just want to show myself as I am, the girl whom he had known as her cyber daughter. And I was also thinking that my presence will already be a one big surprise. For I do believe that true happiness cannot be measured by material things or objects but by personal touches. That is why I haven’t even demanded for any presents from him. I didn’t even expect for any material thing as his surprise for me. His presence and effort to reach me here in Roxas is more than any surprises that I’ve been expecting to have. And he really did it! He made my day complete and made me feel somehow that I have a father in real life. His care and presence, especially during the picture taking when he requested Ma’am Jo that we will have picture, just the two of us. I was really touched by that. Though I wasn’t so loud today but I’m hoping that somehow I was able to made him feel my presence, my care and support and love for him as my cyber dad and my boss. He was the best boss ever, he was the person I really want to work with. The figure of humbleness that is in him really made him more important to me. I am suppose to say and tell him a lot of stories and things but I just noticed that he was really tired and exhausted. I really can feel he was that is why I haven’t even demanded for more of his time. I even wanted to tell him to just have a rest. He was really one good and kind person. Sir Dan, I was really touched by your visit here. I never thought you will be interested to really see me and meet me in person. No one had ever shown that kind of interest in me before. It’s only you. That’s why I was really touched. Though I wasn’t able to express my self that much but inside me I feel so happy and satisfied. I’m just shy to Ma’am Jo. Also I would like to apologize if I wasn’t so good in speaking English, actually I’m just choking I don’t know why…

            Actually when we were talking about the time I woke up so early. I was telling you that, it was during the time when I did go to our
Iloilo office. I wake up at 4:30 am to prepare and the brought myself at the terminal. You just don’t get what I’m trying to say. Well, I understand I know you are just tired but thanks for listening to my story. Also thanks for your suggestions and everything. You really touched my life and even bring me so much joy. A very early Christmas presence for a craving heart. You really is a one great guy and I can’t really find a word enough to describe you. All I know is that you made me feel so happy. I really wanted to hug you but I’m shy…

            Regarding ma’am Jo’s offer and suggestions I am also willing to give it a try. I am also thankful I’ve known someone like her. I’m also starting to like her more. She was one big sister for me. The two of you are really perfect partners in work. Ma’am Jo also filled an empty space of me today. Though both of you doesn’t know about it but somehow I’m thankful you were able to meet me and know my situation. Thanks for everything. I really would want to end this but it seems that I’m still not contented words are still flowing from my mind. I was just inspired to write a lot of things today. I once again felt that U;m still alive and I don’t need to lose hope for there are still people who believes in me… I think Sir Dan…Dad… we still can talk YM during our free time and I do hope that this is not your last visit here in Roxas…Thanks God I’m really blessed!



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